WINDOWS  MAC  LINUX ║ Latest Update: v1.7 - Released 07/25/2022

PokéLauncher is the easiest way to install Pixelmon and start playing in minutes...
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Say goodbye to the troubles of Technic Launcher and Forge - PokéLauncher is a custom experience built from the ground up specifically for the Pixelmon community. By using PokéLauncher, you will enjoy some of these great features:

improved in-game performance and stability (higher FPS)
a curated list of useful and optimized mods
the latest and greatest version of Pixelmon Reforged
automatic java installation and configuration
support from thousands of other Pixelmon players and developers


PokéLauncher does all of the hard work for you - it will automatically install the correct version of Minecraft and every required mod to get you in-game and playing right away! PokéLauncher will also automatically detect and install the correct version of 64-bit java on your computer, then automatically configure your game and system memory for maximum performance!

PokéLauncher allows you to heavily customize and optimize your experience. By default, PokéLauncher will boost your in-game FPS and stability by allocating system resources more effectively and tweaking display options. PokéLauncher is loaded with every mod you need and nothing that you don't - you can easily disable mods with a quick toggle switch or drag & drop to add new mods!

PokéLauncher is built by the PokeResort community. Thousands of players trust us to deliver quality content and an exceptional user experience - we are committed to our players and stand behind our software. PokéLauncher is 100% safe to install and your account information is never shared or saved. Should you have any questions or concerns, join our official Discord server with the link below!